Friday, April 28, 2006

Finally something new...

Hey there peeps, Alex here, well I finally got some half desent photos of the paintings I did an exhibition I was involved in last month. Seeing as it was my first exhibition, I was pretty nervous having my stuff on show (as you can see in the first pic below) and trying to price it was a nightmare!!!The show was organised by my awesome fiance Karla and it was a tribute to her mentor and good friend Phill Matthias who was killed last year. Phill was an awesome tattoo artist and one of the first people to tattoo commerically in Auckland and had his own studio here in Auckland city for 22 years!! (Hence why my stuff has a tattoo inspired feel to it)

10 other artists were involved, all of whom knew Phill and were his friends, the exhibition was a huge success and I sold all except the one which I entitled "Snakey McSkullison" (yes I made it up on the spot), which I gave to Karla.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Fan art

Here's a little piece of fan art from 7 year old Ally.

It's Alex, Jeremy, and Tim. She couldn't draw Ryan because he's too square!