Friday, October 03, 2008

DIRTY 30!!!!

Can it be? Is it true? Surely not! The 30th episode of Sparkle Friends already? Yes it stop hassling me ;) <---- (That's a winky face on its side. Just so you know I'm not really angry with you)

This episode was a hard one to make in the short amount of time we have to make them. Mainly thanks to Alex's gargantuan backgrounds slowing everything down. But we forgive him because they look bloody swell!! Nice one.

We've started throwing around ideas for a 4th season. So if all goes well, we'll be back working on more soon and you'll be seeing new episodes sometime next year.

Oh....another thing....this episode also features a pretty nifty Gungi plush that you may have seen us post about a few weeks ago (also see photo below!). If you want to enquire about purchasing one drop an electronic mail (email for those hipsters) to Alex and Karla of Geek Freeks fame. They'll see ya right!