Thursday, December 15, 2005


Hey folks.

Alex just got the complete series 1 Fraggle Rock box set........and we just wanted to leave this with you...

Seperated at birth?

Sk8 or Die!!!


Hello all, Alex here, just thought I'd post up some stuff I've been working on in my spare time over the last few months. These are, hopefully, gonna be in an exhibition me and my girlfriend are setting up for sometime next year so stayed tuned, but feel free to get in touch with me if you would like to buy one of my works!!! :)

Santa Pants


Got bored, so i made this in a fury of Chrismas spirit.



Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Cold Hard Mukpuddy!

We got mentioned at Cold Hard Flash. Cheers Aaron, that's awesome!! Go check out the article, which mainly focuses on the Xmas idents we did for NZ's C4 music television.

We are happy boys..... so happy in fact that we all went out and grew matching facial hair, which we call "The Aint-it-cool". (As you can see, Alex is the more free spirited one of the group. Bloody hippy!)

Friday, December 09, 2005

C4 Idents complete

Hey pimples, Tim here.
We've finally completed the C4 idents and chucked them up on the site. So head on over to the cartoon section of Mukpuddy to check them out. There's also a few other bits and pieces there too.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Some sketches....

Hey there, just thought I'd post up some sketches I did for the "Xmas Idents" we're just finishing off for C4 (a local music channel here in NZ)!!


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Le Papillion

Our friend Gerrard just sent us a link to an animated short called Le Papillon (which, I think, means 'The Butterfly'), and we just had to share it!!

It's too cool for words.

I wish a major studio would have enough balls to greenlight a movie in this sort of style. But then again..would the people go. Me thinks it might just be us in the audience. Damn the mainstream.

Check it out


Hey folks,

Ryan here.

Just checked out the teaser trailer for X Men 3. I wasn't going to say anything about it until I saw a whole bunch of people bitching about it in talkbacks. I loved, there's no pleasing some people. It always surprises me when something so obviously cool looking is so widely panned by internet folk.

It's so weird how people can't seem to understand that an animated or illustrated character is never going to translate 100% into a live action film. I know that there's alot of die hard comic book fans out there who want to see the Beast and the Juggernaut they know an love come to life, but it just aint happening. Some things just dont translate well. For the X Men films in particular, they've always tried to keep the series as much in the real world as possible,and I think the new characters fit in nicely. Stop moaning, hold all judgement till the film comes out, then if it truely does suck ass, then I'll join you in bagging it. So far.....looks cool!

Check out the trailer here

Friday, December 02, 2005

New Stuff

Yo, Alex here, though I'd make my first post with some images of what we've been up to lately. As Tim posted eariler we did some titles for a music channel here in NZ called C4. The name of the show is "6 Degrees of Seperation" so our idea was to do sort of an evolution of music!
We also just recently finished a skitfor a local band called Pluto that, we hope will air soon on the same channel, but heres a screen shot!!!


Thursday, December 01, 2005

Updates of Mukpuddy's latest.

'Morning monkeys.
Just a quick update on what Mukpuddy's been up to.

We've just completed some titles for C4 here in NZ, for the show '6 Degrees of Separation', which is now airing on wednesdays or saturdays or something (not too sure actually) but any way here's a delicious screenshot.

And we've also just completed a skit for the kiwi band, Pluto. Which will hopefully be playing on C4 and online sometime soon. I believe they'll air it when they start playing the video for thier next single, Baby Cruel, which we also made. I'd show you a screenshot of them too, but the puter is being stupid. So maybe next time.

Farts and whistles,
Mr Tim