Friday, December 15, 2006


Hey Folks,

well we've come to the end of a crazy year. 2006 has been Mukpuddy's best year to date, and we're glad it's over so we can have a relaxing Xmas holiday!

We've managed to have work all year round (some of which was far stranger than others), so it's awesome to see that 2D still has it's place in the world. Yay for 2D!

A major part of our year (and Mukpuddy's history) has been the introduction of Jeremy to the team, not only has he brought a truck load of talent to the table, but he has become a great friend and is now most definitely a true Muk! Cheers bro, we're glad to have you around!

I have to say a big "nice one brudda" to Alex who manages to constantly amaze us with his always evolving artistic talent, your hard work doesn't go unnoticed bro. We've decided to extend your contract for at least another year. Congrats.

And Tim, what can I say? You keep rock alive! Plus you relieve our animation struggles, you da man bro! (Struggles is a weird word, sounds like mean Fraggles).

As for me (Ryan) well....I wrote this Blog post, so I've earned my wages. Plus I do silly voices and I like to constantly distract everyone, I'm a must for every animation studio.

And to all of our awesome new Blog friends....