Thursday, January 08, 2009

First post of '09!!

Howdy all, Alex here, just thought I'd do the honours of the first post of the new year and give ya a peek at what I've been doing in my spare time over the last few months. I'd been wanting to paint some small canvas' to sell at at Kraftbomb (a craftfair my lovely wife Karla and her friend City have set up) and I thought it'd be fun to paint "classic" characters from movies and cartoons that I loved growing up! So where to start, oh yeah, Star Wars... (sorry about the quality of some of the pics, they were taken with my digital camera which sometimes isn't that great!)

I've also done some of the wrestlers I was into when I was a kid...

At the end of last year I was also asked to contribute to a charity show to help raise money for a local cat shelter. The theme was, of course, cats, so I painted my cat Nardis (again!)

I also did some paintings as Christmas presents for the other Muks...

Gizmoduck from Duck Tales for Ryan
Chorlton from the old British "stop-motion" show Chorlton and The Wheelies for Jeremy.
Zebadee from "The Magic Roundabout" for Tim
And a Doozer for Tims Fiance Tam!

I also painted my friends dog for her birthday, his name's George, he's a pug and constantly has his "lipstick" out...

More soon!!!