Monday, March 31, 2008

Painted Thingys...

Here's 2 of my latest paintings. The first, the dog, was for a buddy, to give to his sister for her wedding and the other is for another friend, Cam. His girlfriend is surprising him with a transformer and I picked Soundwave coz he was one of my favs as a kid!! Sorry for the bad photos, I can never seem to get really descent ones of my paintings:( -Alex

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Take it!!!

It's been a while since we last posted anything animation flavoured. We have been working away on a few things. Some really cool stuff, some.......slightly ho-hum.

Last year we were asked to work on a Music video for a NZ HipHop/R&B group. The idea for the video was cool. Kind of a throw back to Teeny Little Super Guy from Sesame Street........but with a tiny budget.

We only had a few days to throw together the animated segments, and it was all very experimental on the directors behalf (we didn't direct this by the way). Unfortunately due to the lack of budget and time the animation suffered. On top of that we were pretty restricted to the amount of room we had to animate within and the framing of the shots was fairly poor, but that was out of our hands.

Anyway, here's the clip. You may want to turn down your speakers unless your a glutton for punishment........ooooo, he went there.

Not our finest moment, but a moment none the less. Twas an interesting learning curve, and one that we are still waiting to be paid for. Shazaaaam!!