Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I recently did a couple of paintings of 2 of my favourite comic characters growing up, the stories always seemed a little over my head when I was real young but I absolutely loved the artwork!!

They're acrylic on canvas (Obelix- 5"x7", Asterix - 6"x6") and are for sale if anybody is interested! $45 US each including postage (via paypal).


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mukpuddy in the Amazon...

Here's something cool, we just found out both the books we have for sale over at Lulu are now available on Amazon. They're a few years old now but we're still pretty happy with them. 'Sometimes' was our first go at our very own kids book, it's a simple little story told from the point of view of a young boy! And the other is the very first volume of the Mukpuddy Sketchbook, full of tonnes of stuff from our productions over the years!
They're cheap as chips so CHECK EM OUT!!!!