Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hey there, long time no Sparkle Friends!

As you may (or may not) know Sparkle Friends now plays on Australia's ABC, so to give the nice folks over there a decent head start on episodes 31-40 we held off putting the episodes online. But enough time has passed now so we thought we'd finally unleash the newest episodes on the world wide web.

I'm super happy with how the 4th series turned out. With some super crisp writing and editing from Jeremy, cool new character and bg designs from Alex and of course the smooth animation stylings of myself and Tim, this definitely feels like the best series yet. But I'm biased.....sue me.

We really enjoyed making the "Super Tu" episode in the 3rd series of Sparkle Friends so we thought it was only fitting to kick off series 4 with a new "Super Tu" adventure. Jeremy then had the idea to do a Super Tu we did. Because we decided to bring back all of the major Sparkle Friends villains I got the chance to do a whole heap of voices, I think in total (including the Seagull and the theme park attendant) I did 9 characters over the trilogy, I may have missed some, but who's counting.......probably my Mum.

I'll stop writing now and let you watch all 3 Super Tu episodes.
- Ryan