Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

Let the mentalness ensue...

So here's the first episode of our brand new series of shorts called 'Roodie Toodie', as with Lanky Lampton, the peeps up at Studio2 Live we're making it for just said do what ever you want and this is the result! It's the sort of cartoon we've wanted to make for a while now, just nonsense that makes us laugh!

Pretty much all the dialogue was ad-libbed by Ryan in the voice booth. We think this episode nicely sets up the characters and their relationship...

More to come soon!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Who Framed Lanky Lampton?

When we pitched the idea of Lanky Lampton to the good folks at Studio2LIVE we also pitched the idea of having Lanky interviewed in studio with the presenters of the show......if he proved popular that is. Well, he did prove popular so we went ahead and did a "live" interview. We wanted the interview to feel natural and "real" so we filmed the entire thing unrehearsed. I (Ryan) sat in as Lanky and answered the questions with no preparation or planning as we really wanted to catch any little stumbles or mistakes that may occur. That sort of stuff can really add realism and charm to this sort of thing.

Once it was all filmed we removed me from the scene and added in the animated Lanky. Keeping the same eye lines and poses so that it felt like the presenters we're really connecting with Lanky.

Here's what went to air last Friday (June 11th)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Lanky Darby!

Hey folks,

Well so far Lanky Lampton has proved a glorious success......we seem to have found a character that really does appeal to all ages.....and that warms our ear lobes! Right from the offset we were only going to make 5 Lanky Lamptons with the hope that his popularity would dictate whether we make more or not (so at this stage I'm guessing this isn't the last you'll see of him). So we knew we wanted the 5th episode to be a real hum-dinger......a real frown upside downer. We had a long list of "good ideas" Lanky could talk about, but we knew it had to be a little more what's more obscure than Rhys Darby! So we sent off a message to the man himself and thankfully he loved the idea and was on board immediately.

So here's the finished episode, it was super fun to make and Rhys was a great guy to work with. Hope you enjoy.

Oh and if you're wondering, yes.... that is a real beard Alex has upon his face (photo below). The word you're looking for is.....lush! When he shaves it off he'll be donating it to the "Restore Billy Crystal's Hair Foundation" or the RBCHF as it's commonly known.


Check this out, we have no idea what the game is actually like but we were asked recently to design some elements for a soccer game for German game developers 'Blacksmith', and now you can buy it... SPEND MONEY!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Saturday, June 05, 2010

What's coming next...

Here's a peak at another new cartoon we are currently making...