Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Muks on the Fred again!!

Yayyy those awesome peeps over at Channel Frederator have found it fit to showcase us for a whopping third time in their 73rd podcast!! This time around we submitted a music video we made a few years back, 2003 in fact, for a local NZ Hip-Hop artist King Kapisi. It was the first major job for tv we ever did so it's kind of a milestone for us, so we're really stoked to have it featured over there even if it does show it's age a little and makes us cringe a bit!! But we really appreciate all the support the team at Channel Frederator have given us over the last year, so to celebrate we've dug deep deep into the Mukpuddy archives to bring you some stuff from the making of the video... Enjoy! (Watch it here)

Heres some design work:

A sequence storyboarded by Tim:

And some backgrounds:

They also interviewed us about this project, check it!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A new painting....

Here's my first painting collaberation with my fiance Karla. We did it as a gift for a good friends engagment!! I think it turned out pretty cool, I did Ganeesha and Karla did the lotus and spray painted the background (through lace), as usual it's (mostly) acrylic on canvas!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Sparkle Friends: Series 2

Hey Folks.

Last year we were thrown in the deep end with our animated short series "Sparkle Friends". Somehow we managed to produce a 3-4 minute episode a week (from script to screen) without going completely insane. Well, due to the popularity of the series, we're doing a 2nd series! Yikes.

This time things are a little different, we got a couple of weeks up front to work on 5 of the scripts and animatics, which allows us to have a full week of animation on each episode (still not much time, but better than last time). Then we have a break in the middle to work on the 5 remaining scripts and animatics, then 5 more weeks of animating.

We're really happy with how this 10 are turning out, we've definitely improved the animation (although still limited due to our schedule) and the scripts are way crazier and alot funnier. We've also gone bigger action wise, so that's made the 1 week animation turnaround pretty tough. We've compelted 3 episodes and have just started ep4.

If you didn't happen to catch some of the original Sparkle Friends Series 1 episodes, here
they all are on YouTube

We'll keep you posted on the progress of Sparkle Friends Series 2 and we'll post links to them as soon as they have aired in NZ. Heres a little sneak-peek in the mean time!!!