Saturday, December 18, 2010


So that's Mukpuddy done for 2010 huh? That was quick! What started off as a slightly rocky year (thanks recession) quickly turned in to, easily, our most productive year to date... and we're very tired because of it, but it's a good tired... if that exists?

2010 saw us create a ton of new properties including Lanky Lampton, Roodie Toodie and Take Out (Thanks Studio 2 Live) which ended up garnering enough attention to get us a presence at Mipcom which has already sparked a few relationships that could make for a very interesting 2011 and beyond.

We also created the Star Wars inspired shorts Cuppa Jawa and R2 & Derek, both of which we plan to create a lot more of... Star Wars is in our blood.. sue us (no please don't, George). And it wouldn't have been another year at Mukpuddy without a visit to the Sparkle Friends universe, this time creating a new spin-off series, What's a Gungi Good For?, How to Draw the Sparkle Friends and the recently aired 2 part special Sparkle Friends: Next Level.

On top of all that we also helped out on the more adult skewed comedy series WANNA-BEn creating a theme, titles and animated segments. Launched our online "behind the scenes" series Around the Office with the Muks, had a bit of fun with Rambo and farted around with our new green screen and puppets... good times! All of this of course amongst our more corporate gigs that help keep the machine running, stuff that usually goes unseen by our followers like Barx, Moonblooms and Library Kids Clubs.

2011 is already shaping up to be a goodie but what excites us the most is continuing to work in an environment that oozes creativity, the fact that we can take something from conception to completion (usually within days) under one roof makes us super proud to work at Mukpuddy and lets us see that the company we envisioned, oh so many years ago, is a very real thing. To all those out there that continue to support us and constantly share their kind words... Huge thanks to you! Here's hoping you have the Merriest of Christmases!

We'll leave you with some Christmas messages from our animated pals, Drunk Santa and Lanky. Take care and we'll see you back here in 2011!

Thursday, December 09, 2010


At the start of this year we made a little skit called "Cuppa Jawa" it was a whole heap of fun so we just had to do another one before 2010 came to an end....... Plus Alex has quite the knack for Mukpuddifying Star Wars we can't let that go to waste.

Ryan lost his voice after this years Armageddon Expo, so we had to capitalise on his new found "huskiness" and we quickly recorded a brand new skit .....thus "Cuppa Jawa 2" was born.

Tim made this look super special with a little "After Effecting" and it's also our first true HD short so you can crank this sucka all the way up to 1080p!

A big thanks also to Damien Caine who helped Tim come up with an original piece of Star Wars-esque music.

And here it is