Friday, August 24, 2007

The Muks in Vegas!!

Well the end of our crazy trip has arrived, but we spent the last few days in Vegas - as if the rest of the trip hadn't already made us exhausted. This town is MENTAL!!!
Leaving Burbank we weren't sure if we'd even be able to fit all the stuff we'd bought in the rental car...

Driving through the desert was one of the coolest things we did on the whole trip...

So to sum up, we had an amazing time, met up with heaps of awesome people and bought heaps of cool stuff!! If we met you on our travels, please stay in touch and if we didn't, we'll see ya next time!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Other peeps we met in Burbank!!

Unfortunately, like idiots, we didn't get photos with everyone we met but here's some we did get...
At Disney we bumped into the awesome Alan Bodner

We got a tour of Cartoon Network and the Fosters department by Senor Chips himself

We also managed to meet the very handsome Edgar Wright and got our copies of Hot Fuzz signed by him

One of the coolest things to happen on our trip and possibly our lives was meeting the great Eric Goldberg!! He's been described by some people as "the greatest living animator" so it was fairly nerve-racking for us, but he was truely awesome and very humble!! We were introduced to him by our good friends Jen and Bert Klein - we were invited to their place for a bbq and they told us there would be a special guest and, you guessed it, it was Eric. He, of course, animated one of the greatest characters of all time... the Genie in Aladdin!! He also animated Phil in Hercules, so yeah, basically he RULES!!

We spent hours picking he brain and listening to his stories about Disney and his amazing career, it was very cool! At the end of he night he made us the happiest kids in the world and drew a picture for us...

We have smiles a mile wide forever now!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Adventures in Burbank

We just spent the last 8 days in Burbank, seeing the sights, shopping and most importantly pitching to the studios and meeting heaps of awesome artists!! So here are some pics of the highlights...

The drive from Anaheim wasn't too tough... except on Ryan!
Here's where we stayed - it's where the movie True Romance was filmed!!
Just before we arrived the 7 Eleven right beside us was set up as a Kwik-E-Mart as a promotional thingy for The Simpsons movie, complete with signage and products like Squishies, Buzz Cola and Krusty-Os!!

Some of the other stuff we got up to in Hollywood...

The studios we visited...

On Friday night we got invited to the "Nicktoons Network Animation Festival Awards" at the Nickelodeon Studios. We got to meet heaps of cool peeps and it was a blast!!
We finally got to meet the infamous Stephen Levinson
Voice artist and character designer Eric Bauza
Dony Permedi creator of the hugely popular short "Kiwi"
Our new bff Martin Hsu and Andrew Feinstein
The king of Cold Hard Flash Aaron Simpson and Melissa Wolfe

We put Floyd Bishop to sleep

After all that smoozing we went out for some booze and dessert with our buddy Steve Lambe and his wife Sue... it was awesome!!!

Back with more very soon!!