Monday, July 04, 2011


So about 2 months ago now we took part in a short film competition that takes place in New Zealand every year. It's called 48Hours and basically, like the names suggests, gives you 48 hours to make a short film.

So all the teams gather on the Friday night and are given a genre and a bunch of elements that they must include in their film and all of which change every year, we got the following:

Genre: Quest
Character: Bobby Young - an ex-bully
Line of dialog: "What have you got?"
Prop: Bent piece of wire
Technical: Freeze frame ending

Quest was an unexpected, but pleasant, surprise. Although... it did play a huge part in making what we had always hoped would be no more than a 3 minute film... in to a 6min epic.

It was a super tough weekend for us... our "slightly ambitious" idea had us awake for 60+ hours once all was said and done... There were moments during the weekend that had the 3 of us doubting our film and also questioning whether we would actually finish it... but we did and we're extremely proud of it and super proud of our 3rd place and "best animated film" wins in the grand final

So, here it is...

And here's us with our bronze "Apee" trophy...

One of the best things about the competition is the fact, if all goes well, you end up with a film, characters and story you would never have thought of otherwise, and also something that can exist outside of the competition. We're really keen now to see what interest our film gets and what we do with the characters and world we created on that crazy blur of a weekend!

UPDATE >>> here's an interview Alex and Ryan did on U Live about the competition and making cartoons...