Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sparkle Friends Episode 1

Well our first episode of "Sparkle Friends" aired here in NZ the Sunday just gone, it was all a bit nerve-racking, getting up super early (6:45am), sitting through bad cartoons (Digimon...yuck!!), to see our 3 minutes of air time, and hoping that the network hadn't changed anything without our knowledge. There were a few changes, but nothing major (phew!!), we were just stoked to see our stuff on tv!!

Just wanted to give ya a little run down of the show, for those of you not in New Zealand. "What Now" (the live show the episodes are played on) , use this stuff called "Gunge", which is basically slime that they cover the kids, hosts and guests with throughout the show. So we decided to incorporate this into the show and made up a little character we called "Gun-gi" that the Sparkle Friends befriend. He, basically, vomits gunge!!! Cool aye!

We're not yet allowed to post the episodes here on our blog, but you can find them on our website (http://www.mukpuddy.com), just go to the cartoons page!!

I'll be posting the titles cards as we go aswell, the first one is below....


Stephen Studios said...

Wow guys, that was pretty funny. The animation wasnt as topped off as you guys can do, but it was good!!


Stephen Studios said...

btw guys, you gotta make sure your colors are NTSC color safe or else colores bleed.


Mukpuddy said...

Cheers dude, we're making an episode a week so we've had to limit the animation in places. And we work in PAL, so our colours don't bleed.

Thanks bro.... spread the word!!!

Stephen Studios said...

I put you on www.tunefuse.com :)


mike . . . said...

hey guys!
this is great stuff.
i still enjoy the fun book you gave me when you came and visited Cartoon Network.
thanks so much!
hope all is well.

take care and all the best in everything,
mike . . .

Hans said...

I'm gonna keep it simple....Great Blog!


ridd1 said...

nice! great textures on the card.

Trinsic said...

Sweet guys, good job. Bring back jason fa'afoi!

Aaron Simpson said...

really excellent - i've had several people tell me how great this is.

can't wait for more!