Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sparkle Friends EP5!!

Hey all,

here's episode 5 of Sparkle Friends for your viewing pleasure.

We were really pleased with how this ep turned out. We kinda pushed the limits of our crazy one week turnaround on this one.
Hope you all enjoy it, and we'll see you back here same time next week for episode 6.

Check out ep5 on the cartoon page at www.mukpuddy.com


Stephen Studios said...

Awsome new episode guys! Those production sketches look great too!!

Now, did you guys think of this idea? And do you write the story? Or you just have create the character designs and props etc.. and then animate it?


Scott O. said...

One week tunraround?! And it's a race episode?! That's an ambitious episode to have to jam out like that! It's a hell of alot of fun and the gags are GREAT!

Mukpuddy said...

We do everything. Write the script, do the storyboards and an animatic, layout, then we animate, then we do all the sound (music/FX etc). And there's only 4 of us. It's hectic, but heaps of fun. I'll do more of a breakdown of our process once we get to the end of the 10 eps.

michael foster said...

great episode. they keep getting better. I love the SW and Dukes of Hazzard refs. :)

Stephen Studios said...

Wow you guys are awsome!

How long does it take for one episode?


Mukpuddy said...

We're doing one episode a week!!

hot potatoes said...

You've got the hot potatoe seal of approval!

Alikins said...
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Alina Chau said...

WOOOOO ...coool design!! Love these a lot, V FUN!

imagination workshop said...

This styles hilarious.