Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I Saw a Sign

Hey folks, well yesterday was a momentous day here at Mukpuddy......We got studio signage! We've been here in the new studio for about 4 months now.

To mark the occasion, we took photos.....with a camera!

As you can see we put forward the powerhouse that is Tim Evans to help our landlord Brad (on the right) put up the sign. Go Tim go!

Also, we got a nice mention over at Drawn. So a big thanks to Jared for the plug, we really appreciate it.


Jared Chapman said...

Pssh! Your work is great! It was my pleasure.

Stephen Studios said...

awsome guys!!!! whats your area code, let me give you a buzz!!


Jason said...

Hey there Mukpuddians! Congrats on the Drawn nod. I checked out your site and LOVED 'yer stuff! Viewed the Sparkle Friends episode 1, and now I want a Gungi. Keep up the good stuff, I'll be back!

jeaux janovsky said...

congrats on the sign and ace of base reference!
hope all is well!

Alikins said...

YAY! ;)

Darryl Young said...

Congradulations guys!

You're such a talented crew, and got a much deserved plug on Drawn!

Look forward to further projects.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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