Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fred Interview

Hey peeps, we just wanted to direct your atttention over to the Frederator Studios Blog where our buddy Jeaux Janovsky has posted an interview he did with us! We're really excited about it and feel really privileged to be included with many of the other artists interviewed over there (many of whom are great inspiration to us!). So a big thanks goes out to Jeaux, we really appreciate your support dude and when we make it over to The States next we'll buy you a beer!
Also thought we'd post the illustration we created for the "Channel Frederater 1st Birthday Program", the only criteria was to have a robot and an ipod......


jeaux janovsky said...

Great Robot Pic GentleMuksters!
Thanks again for a great interview!
It was my pleasure.
I'll take you guys up for the beer offer!

Alina Chau said...

so sweet! Lovely!! Congrat.

Dagan Moriarty said...

ahh, congrats... :)
well-deserved, i might add !!!
great image... i especially LOVE the way you handled the bg in this one!

Stephen said...

wow awesome illustration!

Todd Kauffman said...


Pat Pakula said...

AWESOME! great robot!

paublo said...

suh-weet interview.. congrats!

John said...

Great blog! I've just discovered and bookmarked you.