Friday, July 27, 2007

Comic-Con Day 1

Well today was our first day and what a day it was!! The crowds were crazy and something you can never quite prepare yourself for but we did manage to finally meet a a whole bunch of cool people from the blogs... Darryl Young, Patrick Morgan, Javier Guzman, Stephen Silver and Martin Hsu were all really cool!! We also got to meet an artist whose work has been a huge influence on us and that is Chris Sanders, co-director of Lilo and Stitch and voice of Stitch... what a mind trip!! Joe Moshier and all the peeps at the Conduct Happiness stand were also all really cool!!

We also brought heaps of cool toys and other stuff that we can't get in New Zealand, not to mention all the artist's sketchbooks!!!

We're staying in a part of San Diego called Old Town, it's really cool and done up kinda like an old Mexican town, so we're getting plenty of proper Mexican food which is awesome to us all... except Ryan! (see image below)

Tim also like bugs....

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boob said...

Argh! I missed you guys! Javier picked up a book for me and you guys signed it but I was probably lost in the crowds at the time. Crap. Sweet stuff though!

I want to send you our (myself and Dave Pryor) artbook that we finally got back from the printer. Unfortunately it wasn't ready for the show which sucked big time.

I'll drop you an e-mail in the near future with details if yer interested.

Hope you enjoyed the con! (minus the crowds of course)