Friday, September 19, 2008

Mukpuddy on 20/20!!

Last year after we won the Auckland 48hours we were contacted by 20/20 New Zealand and they said they wanted to do a story about us.
It has taken a while to come together, but that's partly due to us having so much on. What with our trip to The States, new Sparkle Friends, more 48 Hours stuff, the It's The Pughs pilot - it's been a pretty full-on year!
So last night it aired on tv here and we couldn't be happier. We're very grateful they found us interesting enough in the first place, but also happy with how cool the finished piece is! We were really nervous about being on telly but now it has been and gone and we're super stoked.
So, a big thanks to Cara, Pete and all the 20/20 team, you guys rock! Check it out..... WATCH US!!!


Barnard Cyrus said...

nice work here on this blog

RAWLS said...

YO! Me thinks me heards a lot of VERY cooool potential things in that video!
Really GREAT job you guys!
I'm so... I'm so proud.

I'm not crying...there's just something in my eye.

Chocolate Log said...

Yay for 20/20 and also yay for the new Victoria Park play ground

Garth M said...

I managed to catch a recording of the story. Very cool beans indeed! Makes the future of animation in Auckland seem much brighter.

Tony DiStefano said...

Really nice work.I love your thumbnails.Lots of life and appeal.

Anonymous said...


Yea! Congratulations on the story by 20/20 New Zealand!

Jeaux's Dad

Eric Z said...

Congrats from the otherside of the planet and thank you for the compliments. You guys have got some pretty awesome stuff happening over there. I look forward to seeing more posts!

Dagan Moriarty said...

Wow, BIG-congrats!
very cool!

Martin Hsu said...

Woah!!!!! Congrats folks! That's absolutely amazing :) It was nice to get a glimpse of your studio where the magic happens as well!

I think anyone who watched it could sense that the interview was filled with genuine passion for animation. All of your recognitions are well deserved. I'm very proud of you ;)

Keep doing that thing you do!

Oh, and thanks for wearing my shirt, Jeremy!!! :D