Thursday, February 04, 2010

Lets Get Girly!

A Sparkle Friends episode with a message....get outta here. Don't's still full of random weirdness, but we thought it would be nice to tackle an issue that kinda bugs us, growing up.

This episode also features a TV commercial parody that Jeremy had been dreaming about for some like we always do, found a way to slip it into Sparkle Friends. See you if you can spot the one that looks like a TV commercial parody.....silly.

ALSO>>> Check out the brand new Mukpuddy Animation website and let us know what ya think!!!


dan hay said...

This is, like, the best thing ever, or something!

Jeremy said...

It's also worth mentioning that all of the guest female voices in this episode were performed by our good friend Jocelyn Christian. And she did a bang up job too!

Although Ryan has an extremely versatile voice, his female range seems to be old women and witches :)

Jeff Cook said...

Good job with the new website guys.
It's just bursting with cartoon goodness.

You could almost have a TV half hour with all the pilots you've stacked up.
"The old Mukpuddy cartoon half hour of power"... or something to that effect.

Eric Z said...

Great work. I love your design style!

RAWLS said...

I hate how funny this one was. Seriously... that Lush commercial was the greatest thing I've ever seen.
Well done my friends!!
oh, and the website looks fantastic too!

Jojoba starts with a J.

Moon gravity!

Doctor Jones said...

That commercial was A+

"Diamonds are forever".

scott said...

Wow, that was great :)
So many funny gags, the valley, the babbing, that is so hot, R2, wreslting announcer, hulk hogan mo..
The design for the new girl was interesting, and that infomercial was spot on! :D