Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Everybody loves a spin-off...

except for that show 'Joey'.......he's nothing without Chandler.

Anyhoo, as we mentioned in a previous post, last year was the end of the line for the Sparkle Friends. After 40 episodes it definitely felt like it had come to a natural end and it was time to move on. We love what we've created and are extremely proud of the progress we made while working on the show, but we'll take that experience and apply it to new projects.

However... Over the 3 years of making Sparkle Friends we came up with far too many fun secondary characters to just throw to the wayside and felt they needed a bit more screen time. So with the inclusion of Sparkle Friends star, Gungi.....we created a spin-off skit series that features some of our favourite special guest characters from the last 40 episodes, each finding interesting ways to use Gungi.

So enough blabbing from me, here's the very first "What's a Gungi Good For?"


p.s a big thanks to musical genius Ben Sinclair who did a great job of making my mediocre jingle singery sound pretty rad!


Chris Kennett said...

Now that cow needs it's own spin off series. Oh when will it end?!

Great stuff as always guys.

Lance said...

lol, oh poor Gungi.