Thursday, June 17, 2010

Who Framed Lanky Lampton?

When we pitched the idea of Lanky Lampton to the good folks at Studio2LIVE we also pitched the idea of having Lanky interviewed in studio with the presenters of the show......if he proved popular that is. Well, he did prove popular so we went ahead and did a "live" interview. We wanted the interview to feel natural and "real" so we filmed the entire thing unrehearsed. I (Ryan) sat in as Lanky and answered the questions with no preparation or planning as we really wanted to catch any little stumbles or mistakes that may occur. That sort of stuff can really add realism and charm to this sort of thing.

Once it was all filmed we removed me from the scene and added in the animated Lanky. Keeping the same eye lines and poses so that it felt like the presenters we're really connecting with Lanky.

Here's what went to air last Friday (June 11th)


Martin Hsu said...

hahahaha.... clever dialogue! Fantastic dude!!!! Congrats!

RAWLS said...

haha, so... is he an elephant forever now?!

Mukpuddy said...

Ha ha, good point! That's how we'll change up the second season!

michael foster said...

This rocks, great work.