Friday, July 23, 2010

This ain't no Beyoncé ditty!

Thought we'd save this one until the end as it's one of our favs. So it's the end of the run of Roodie Toodie shorts for now but these fellas will be back for sure, we've had so much fun making these and wanna thank all the peeps up at Studio 2 for letting us make them! We have another 5 episodes of another idea coming your way very soon but in the mean time enjoy this lil' golden piece of Ryan ad-libbery...

HOLD THE PHONE... NOW WITH SPECIAL FEATURES>>> We've put the song online as a MP3 so if you wanna use it as a ring tone or something just as cool feel free! (right click to save)

1 comment:

Phil Willis said...

I like your version better.

It's true.

Chewbacca's parents really DID live in a tree.