Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So 2010, amongst other things, will celebrate Mukpuddys first appearance in 4 years at Aucklands Armageddon Expo. Armageddon is kinda like the San Diego Comic Con but on a New Zealand scale... so pretty small, but it's definitely grown since our first few times there 6 or so years ago.

We're actually pretty excited about it too as we haven't had a booth since we actually got good at making cartoons, so it's gonna be interesting to see what reaction we get from peeps to our work, from Sparkle Friends to Lanky Lampton, and everything else in between!

We've been planning our booth for a while so hopefully it's gonna look cool and we'll be selling badges, stickers, comics, dvds and a few shirts. You'll even be able to get your photo taken with Lanky Lampton himself (see below)...

Thought we'd post this again too, we made it earlier this year for the organiser of Armageddon to promo the event...

So if you're in the Auckland area definitely come check out the event and come by our booth (#99) and say hi!

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