Thursday, February 17, 2011

Take it to the Street!

This is a silly idea we've had for a while, but we've always kept it on the "back burner" as we were never too sure what to do with it. So, when we were discussing ideas for the 2nd "Mukaroon" skit, this idea seemed like a perfect fit.

Ok, I've been mysterious it is.


Phil Willis said...


I was wondering where this one was going.

Ryan - did you do all the dialog or did you get it from another source?


Mukpuddy said...

Hey Phil, those are all actual sound bites from Street Fighter 4, except what the dude says right at the end before he walks off screen.

Doctor Jones said...

Man on man. I remember playing with the sound effects in the game options.
I'd read in the instruction book, what the characters were saying, then wonder how, "Tatsu Maki Sempu Kiaku" ended up being "CHECK CHICK PARUUU CHECK!!!"

Awesome clips guys.
The fun never stops in here

Yoga Flame!