Saturday, April 23, 2011


For a few years now we've wanted to put together a little Easter short, similar to our Christmas ones, and we finally found the time over the last couple of days. We also wanted to try something a little different for this one. Alex designed the background and made it up in Flash as usual, we then printed out each layer of the hills etc on a separate piece of paper and constructed a mini set...

We then had Ryan ad lib a bunch of dialogue and we cut together the stuff we liked and then played it back "live" while we filmed the set with our Flip HD, Ryan provided the table shakes at the start with a few swift uppercuts to the table as well as the animation and Tim, once again, worked his magic in After Effects. So without further ado, here's our new mate.. Doofy Bunny!

Our plan is to cut together a little "behind the scenes" vid of us making this so stay tuned to the blog!

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Harto said...

Yes, I know I'm months late with this, but I love what you've done here...can never have too much table-punching :P