Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mister Rabbit!

Earlier this year we were lucky enough to start up a friendship with, Chris Ballew who you may know as the lead singer of the band, Presidents of the United States of America. We found out Chris had a side project called, Caspar Babypants which, to put it simply, is well written music for children... kids music that doesn't drive you insane ;) As a parent myself (Ryan), it's quite a rare find.

So anyway, it seemed only natural we team up and make something super cool for his legions of young (and old) fans. Chris has an awesome dedication to creating music for kids that allows them to follow easily and engage on many levels... so our video had to reflect that. One of the best parts of making this video was the level of trust Chris put in us, so we were allowed to go away with complete creative freedom and create the following simple and sweet music video for his best selling kids song, Mister Rabbit.

All the Caspar Babypants albums are available on Chris' website


Aaron said...

I totally love the video.

Adele K Thomas said...

OH MAN! I LOOOOVED PUSA in high school...I went to see them live when I was at uni and they still awesome!