Monday, August 29, 2011

Black, White & Red

A little while ago we created something called "Black, White & Red" which is intended to be entertainment for infants. It's widely known that infants as young as a couple of weeks old respond well to high contrast colours, specifically, Black, white and reds. So when my son, Cohen was born I went searching for something that he would respond to but that my 3 year old daughter would also get some sort of entertainment value out of... I couldn't find anything like that. There were plenty of black and white "showreel" type animated clips but nothing that had character and enough cartoony-ness to keep me happy. So we saw a gap and decided to fill it... These are what we have created so far.

If you know any proud new parents, please pass this on to them and we'd love to hear some feedback.

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Panagiotis Chanos said...

We have seen these short videos on youtube and showed them to our 4 month old son at that time. He absolutely loved it and now 4 months later these are the only baby stimulation videos that excite him so much. We always get cheers and screams of joy when we play them to him. He even recognizes the opening "scene" every single time. Great job! Please make some more!