Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I've just been Hoodwinked!

Hey folks, Ryan here.

I'm gonna take the honors of making the first official "vent" post, and it's gonna be a moan!! Sorry. I've just witnessed a crime....a heinous crime! Now that CGI is the hip new thing in animated features, later this year we are going to be blessed with a brand new film called Hoodwinked.

Ok, if you have QuickTime, go have a look at this.....


I apologies for doing that to you, but It had to be done.

First you'll notice that they took a lot of time creating original and wicked looking designs for each of the characters....hang on.....that's right.....They skipped that bit!! Every single one of the characters looks like the were created directly in 3Ds max without a single thought put into style.

Secondly you'll notice how hilariously original the story is.....no wait, they skipped that bit too!! I'm pretty sure Shrek (don't get me started on that franchise) already did they whole "we're taking the piss out of fairy tales" thing. Plus I know some pretty smart 4 year olds who are already writing similar stories.

Thirdly, you'll notice they forgot to animate the whole thing. Last time I checked, sliding your characters around and flicking through 4 different pre-set mouth shapes isn't animation.

Do not go see this film. Don't let the "big name" celebrity voice cast snag you, this is a cheap badly made film that doesn't deserve you're money!!

So this is what all those talented 2D animators lost their jobs for. I feel like crying!

Thankgod we have Barnyard, Ant Bully, Shrek 3, Puss 'n' Boots, and lots more to look forward to. Let the bad times roll.

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