Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Mukpuddy production slate

Hey folks, thought we'd give you a quick low-down on what we working on at the mo.

We're still working on a Childrens book for Ashton scholastic, which should hopefully be all done in the next month or so and we have just started some Christmas skits/idents for C4 (NZ Music Channel). As soon as we've finished them we'll post up a link for you guys to check them out, or alternatively, if you live in NZ, check them out on C4 in the next few weeks .

We' have also just recently wrapped production on some stuff for Maori TV, some new titles for C4's "Six Degrees of Seperation" as well as a music video and some promo work for NZ band "Pluto".

Next we have lined up some more ident/skit work for C4, a possibly TV pilot, some design work for a yet to be announced web cartoon, and if all goes well, our own children's book. So yeah, we gonna be busy! Oh yeh, and if all goes well, we may have a nice big announcement to make, but that's for another post.

The Muks

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