Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Pluto - Baby Cruel Video


Well, we're finally aloud to reveal the music video we've been working on for New Zealand band Pluto. It was done on a fairly small budget and the 3 of us completed it in about 3 weeks. Apart from the initial character designs and the bg's, it was made entirely in Flash. Making this vid allowed us to experiment a little with flash so next time around we'll hopefully come up with something even better. Right click here and "save as" to check it out. (It's around 6.9MB)
The band are extremely happy with the final vid, so that's cool. They liked the vid so much that we actually got commissioned to create a 1 minute animated skit, featuring the characters, so we'll post that for you to see as well. Check that out here at
Look forward to hearing what you guys think!!
The Muks