Thursday, August 02, 2007

Comic Con LAST DAY!!!

Sorry for lack of updates but we have had no interwebs!!! Comic Con has been and gone now and the whole experience was crazy!! We met heaps of rad people and bought a whole truck load of cool stuff we can't get in NZ (even got us some bronchitis!) but here's a few clips from the final day to give you guys an idea of what it was like...

And some of the cool peeps we met in San Diego...

Craig McCracken and Lauren Faust

We also went to an awesome El Tigre panel where the creators and voice cast talked about what to look for in upcoming episodes and a live reading of an episode.. it was insanely cool!!

Some cool stuff we saw...

We also went to Hooters and had our first Kurley Fries... wooo hooo

That's all for now, goodbye San Diego and heeelllo Disneyland!!!


Chris Battle said...

That 2nd video is the truest representation of Comic-Con EVER.

Steph said...

HAH! You know Martin too? My boss, Mike Daley, is a part of Martin's group and I hung out with the lot and booth-sat at the Con. I still can't believe I missed you guys... oh wait, yes I can, that Con is freaking epic.

If you ever find yourselves in San Francisco, you've got a friend up here :) Thanks for poking my blog, and I will absolutely be back to check in on you!

Darryl Young said...

Hey Guys,

Was great to finally meet the talented crew of Mukpuddy!
Thanks for stopping by to say hi ... and your sketchbook is awesome!!!!
Hope you had a great time and things keep growing for you, you're a nice bunch of guys ... and one gal ;).

Take Care,