Friday, September 17, 2010

Condiment War!

So here's our last skit in the 'Take Our' series and the last work we did for 'Studio2 Live', they were really cool to us this year and let us do whatever we wanted which was really refreshing. It made for a awesome experience all around and we can't thank them enough for that! We were looking forward to expanding our relationship with them next year but, unfortunately, they've been cancelled, which, in our minds, is a huge loss for New Zealand television and all kiwi kids! RIP Studio2 Live!

We're currently figuring out a way to keep these shorts alive so hopefully, all going to plan there will be more of Lanky Lampton and his mates on tv screens next year!


Mick said...

I am loving all of these

Mukpuddy said...

Thanks mate... us to!