Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So as well as being flat out making 2 new episodes of Sparkle Friends we've also been creating titles and episode animation for a new tv show here in New Zealand called 'Wanna Ben'.

Ben and his crew are a swell bunch of chaps, we actually made 'The Stallion' pilot with them last year which also lead to us briefly working with them on their last show 'Pulp Sport'. We've still got a long way to go on this project but it's been fun making animation that will be seen in "prime time"!

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scott gillan said...

Just saw the the first episode, loved the animation throughout, us animation (and muk) fans get double the entertainment from the show!
Is the way you animate the "drawing" a mask reveal? What's the most effecient way to reveal curved shapes?
(like the UUU shaped nose I saw in the show)
Shape tweens/keyframes?
I use a mixture, but it still takes forever.