Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Surprise... It was all lies!

So we pretty much lied about not doing any more Sparkle Friends episodes, What Now (the local kids show Sparkle Friends is made for) got a new female presenter part way through this year and they wanted to introduce her to "the kids" via the magic of animation. So 2 new episodes were born, yip it's an epic 2 parter, introducing the new Sparkle Friend, Gem and yet another villain voiced by Ryan. We tried really hard to make these look pretty and Tim did a bang up job putting his After Effects fingers to work! It was a mountain of work, yet again, but might I say both episodes look bloody swank for being made by 3 blokes in just a few weeks...

Drawings by Alexander, Aged 30...


Xlotx said...

Just found out that Tu left the WN crew!

Whats gonna happen now??

Mukpuddy said...

We're still not sure about what's in store for the Sparkle Friends, we're still waiting to hear from What Now!

Xlotx said...

Thanks for the quick reply.

I hope What Now continues the Sparkle Friends! I CANT LIVE WITHOUT THEM!

Also if you "do" continue with SF you should make a Chrismas Speical!

Seeing that its almost Chrismas!

Thanks for all your amazing work Muks!

Also LOVE the animation for WANNA-BEn!