Friday, December 02, 2005

New Stuff

Yo, Alex here, though I'd make my first post with some images of what we've been up to lately. As Tim posted eariler we did some titles for a music channel here in NZ called C4. The name of the show is "6 Degrees of Seperation" so our idea was to do sort of an evolution of music!
We also just recently finished a skitfor a local band called Pluto that, we hope will air soon on the same channel, but heres a screen shot!!!



Gerrard said...

Great stuff. Looking really cool. Your character design has alway been one of your great strengths. Looking forward to seeing more.

shannon said...

Hey guys, I can't wait to see the new video. This stuff looks great!

Todd Kauffman said...

that one dudes hair is so great. i've got to try that.