Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Le Papillion

Our friend Gerrard just sent us a link to an animated short called Le Papillon (which, I think, means 'The Butterfly'), and we just had to share it!!

It's too cool for words.

I wish a major studio would have enough balls to greenlight a movie in this sort of style. But then again..would the people go. Me thinks it might just be us in the audience. Damn the mainstream.

Check it out http://www.aantin.com/films/lepapillon.php


Gerrard said...

Happy to spread the word, animation of such beauty deserves to be shared. As for a fan base for such work, Samurai Jack anyone...?

Mukpuddy said...

True. Although we get something great like Sam Jack, then it goes and gets cancelled. Damn it all to hell!