Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Hey folks,

Ryan here.

Just checked out the teaser trailer for X Men 3. I wasn't going to say anything about it until I saw a whole bunch of people bitching about it in talkbacks. I loved it....man, there's no pleasing some people. It always surprises me when something so obviously cool looking is so widely panned by internet folk.

It's so weird how people can't seem to understand that an animated or illustrated character is never going to translate 100% into a live action film. I know that there's alot of die hard comic book fans out there who want to see the Beast and the Juggernaut they know an love come to life, but it just aint happening. Some things just dont translate well. For the X Men films in particular, they've always tried to keep the series as much in the real world as possible,and I think the new characters fit in nicely. Stop moaning, hold all judgement till the film comes out, then if it truely does suck ass, then I'll join you in bagging it. So far.....looks cool!

Check out the trailer here

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TonyC. said...

I gotta totally disagree with you on this one. Maybe if they got someone who could take a 2d design , that after years and years of reference that the comic have given. There just needed to be good production and make-up designers to achive this. I mean, look at HEll Boy. They ended up totally making that work. The only problem was... It was called SIN CITY.